Shaw’s environmental protection and remediation services address complex environmental issues, such as the remediation of chlorinated solvents and the design of safe solid waste landfills. Our skilled scientists and engineers use a range of emerging and commercial technologies to solve issues involving hazardous, toxic and radioactive materials in all types of environmental media.

With more than a decade of bioaugmentation expertise, Shaw has performed bioaugmentation for chlorinated solvents, polychlorinated biphenyls, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and methyl tertiary butyl ether. We also have successfully cultured and applied biodegradative bacteria to a wide array of ex situ systems.

We created the Shaw Dechlorinating Culture SDC-9™ technology that treats chlorinated solvent contaminated aquifers. The culture contains Dehalococcoides sp. (DHC) bacteria that degrade highly chlorinated solvents to non-toxic ethene, making it well-suited for treating sites where remediation of perchloroethylene and trichloroethylene has stalled at these intermediates. The SDC-9™ technology has been successfully applied at sites throughout the U.S., including some of the largest in situ bioaugmentation projects performed to date.

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