Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

Shaw is the first choice for state-of-the-art continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS). With solutions designed to meet client-specific needs, Shaw puts its extensive knowledge base and experience to work to create rapid, reliable and expert service. With the growing need for facilities to meet environmental regulations, Shaw's staff is well-versed in federal and state requirements.

As one of the nation's leading suppliers of source monitoring and reporting services, Shaw offers comprehensive solutions for all types of environmental monitoring needs. Our expertise extends across a wide range of instruments, manufacturers and monitoring environments. Applications include monitoring of NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, Hg, TRS, VOC, NMOC, NH3, moisture, opacity, volumetric flow and particulate mass flow.

Shaw offers a full range of emissions monitoring services:

  • Turnkey system integration
  • System installation and operations
  • Calibration and certification testing
  • Upgrades and replacements
  • Data QA and reporting
  • CEMS training
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Emergency repairs

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