Shaw is an established leader in the world of ethylene technology, having designed and constructed more than 120 ethylene plants worldwide. Approximately 40 percent of the world's incremental ethylene production during the last decade has been based on our technology. Shaw-designed ethylene plants have established a global reputation for exceptionally high operational reliability, rapid startup, and superior performance. These same advantages can be realized by revamping older plants to incorporate advanced technologies.

Our long-standing commitment to continuous technological improvements has resulted in such leading-edge developments as:

  • Ultra-Selective Conversion (USC) cracking furnaces
  • Advanced Recovery System (ARS)
  • Ripple® Tray
  • Spent Caustic Treatment Systems
  • C2 and C3 Acetylene Recovery
  • Process and Energy Integration Schemes
  • Catalytic Olefins


  • Field development studies: prospect evaluation and selection, feasibility, scheme development, option selection, cost reduction, optimization, budget cost, schedule definition, and support documentation
  • Concept design: full-scheme development, Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD), heat and mass balances, plot plan, equipment list, definitive cost and schedule
  • Front-end engineering design: P&ID, layouts, EPC, contract bid documents
  • Detailed design of processing facilities together with procurement and fabrication
  • Project Management Services
  • Field Advisory Services



  • Ultra-Selective Conversion (USC) Cracking Furnaces
  • Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS)
  • Spent Caustic Treatment
  • C2 and C3 Acetylene Recovery
  • Process and Energy Integration Schemes
  • Anti-Fouling Quench Systems
  • Quench Water Pretreat

Proprietary Equipment

  • Ripple® Tray Technology
  • Vapor Flute (patent pending)

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