China AP1000® Nuclear Power Plants

In 2007, Shaw and Westinghouse signed a historic agreement to provide the world’s first four AP1000 nuclear power plants in China, with two set for the Sanmen site in Zhejiang province and two for the Haiyang site in Shandong province. The scope of Shaw’s work includes providing engineering, procurement, startup, information management, technology transfer and project management services.

A strategic cooperation agreement between Shaw and China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corp. (SNPTC) has been signed as a measure to support the two entities’ endeavors in the market. Shaw believes that nuclear power offers a successful business model and provides a cleaner energy source to help address global warming and meet increasing energy demands worldwide.

Major features include the following:

  • World’s first AP1000 nuclear power plants
  • Innovative passive safety system
  • Simplified design
  • Economic competitiveness
  • Improved and more efficient operations

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Shandong province, China
Zhejiang province, China

Engineering, procurement, commissioning, information management, technology transfer and project management