Consulting Services

Shaw Consultants International offers a broad array of services to customers worldwide:

Transactional Expertise

  • Asset acquisition amd divestiture services for buyers and sellers
  • Project financial analyses and projections
  • Owner’s engineer, lender’s engineer, and independent engineer
  • Due diligence reviews of business enterprises and plant operations
  • Appraisal and valuation services
  • Feedstock selection and product valuation
  • Asset evaluation and market analysis
  • Contract review and assessment

Technical and Operational Expertise

  • Competitive asset management
  • Fleet benchmarking and analysis
  • Natural gas, LNG, solid fuel, electric, process, steam, and water systems
  • Process plant configuration studies
  • Plant operations and maintenance reviews
  • Business process and operations reviews
  • Project development support
  • Energy systems optimization

Strategic Planning and Business Knowledge

  • Energy strategy formulation
  • Energy and environmental policy development
  • Energy RFP design and implementation
  • Integrated energy resource planning (IRP) and strategy
  • Permitting and licensing support
  • GHG emissions planning
  • Power transmission and distribution
  • Gas and power supply procurement
  • Cost of service and rate design
  • Environmental assessment and planning
  • Multi-pollutant compliance planning
  • Renewable energy planning
  • Energy efficiency planning and evaluation

Management Support and Advisory Services

  • Issue mediation, negotiation, and settlement support
  • Risk management and business continuity
  • Organizational reviews and audits
  • Training and group facilitation
  • Litigation support and expert testimony

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