Currant Creek Gas-Fired Power Plant

In three years, Shaw built one of the Top Plants named by POWER Magazine in 2006. Shaw finished the project in Mona, Utah, at 15 percent lower than the average cost of a similar power plant and completed more than 1.5 million safe work hours while implementing the latest turbine technology and modern design to increase efficiency.

The plant was built in two phases, with the first focusing on the installation of two 170 MW GE-7FA natural gas-fired, simple-cycle combustion turbines. The second phase was dedicated to the installation of two heat-recovery steam generators and a common, reheat condensing steam turbine. Each combustion turbine is equipped with dry low-NOx combustors to minimize NOx formation. A selective catalytic reduction system was installed to further reduce emissions.

Shaw was able to use the services of its pipe fabrication and manufacturing shops in Louisiana and Utah to assemble major pipe racks, portions of boiler feedwater, main steam and reheat piping and other modular components.

The scope of Shaw’s work included cost estimating, engineering, design, procurement, construction and startup.

Major features include the following:

  • Air cooling: All major cooling loops are air-cooled for significant savings in water use.
  • Heat rate performance: Latest turbine technology coupled to modern heat-recovery steam generator design and natural gas performance heating for enhanced heat rate, which offsets the effect of air cooling.
  • CT inlet air cooling: Evaporative cooling increases combustion turbine efficiency during hot, low-humidity periods, at up to 5 MW benefit per combustion turbine.

Project Details


Mona, Utah

Cost estimating, engineering, design, procurement, construction and startup