Clean Energy Solutions

The world population is growing exponentially, and with that growth comes a continuously increasing energy need that requires a clean and sustainable energy response. Shaw is poised to meet the world's growing clean energy demands. From our AP1000 nuclear power plant engineering and construction work to our innovative coal-fired EPC projects and air quality control systems, our safe, efficient and clean energy solutions benefit our clients and communities around the world.

Nuclear energy is a sustainable energy source that has become an invaluable part of the energy mix. Shaw, a 20 percent owner of Westinghouse, is leading the industry's global nuclear resurgence. We are the largest nuclear maintenance contractor in the U.S. with contracts covering approximately 40 percent of the operating units, and a power uprate industry leader with more than 2050 MWe added to the U.S. grid. As a member of the Shaw/Westinghouse Consortium, we were selected to build four nuclear AP1000 units in China and to furnish AP1000 units to domestic utilities.

Shaw leads the industry in the design and construction of clean coal-fired power plants and in ‘F', ‘G' and ‘H' gas turbine technologies. We are a leading global provider of air quality control systems including wet and dry flue gas desulfurization, selective catalytic reduction, NOx removal, mercury removal and particulate removal systems. We design, engineer and install these air quality control systems as new installations or as retrofits.

Emission reduction is an essential contributor to sustainable energy. Shaw conducts economic and technical studies concerning the recovery of carbon dioxide (CO2) from coal-fired power plant flue gas, retrofit CO2 capture and storage studies, and designs for the power and process industries and new power plant design with CO2 capture and storage.

The need to find alternatives to fossil fuels has been the driving force for decades in the renewable energy market. Shaw has experience in engineering and designing geothermal and hydroelectric facilities world-wide as well as engineering evaluations and design studies for wind and solar power projects.