Environmental Liability Solutions

Shaw's Insured Environmental Liability Distribution (SHIELD) Program is designed to insulate our clients from environmental liabilities such as:

  • Costly investigations.
  • Unpredictable cleanup costs.
  • Long-term O&M obligations.

We solve problems, reduce cost uncertainties, and support our solutions with one of the largest environmental companies and some of the best insurance programs in the industry. Shaw will:

  • complete the site remediation for a guaranteed fixed-price.
  • indemnify from costs associated with any cleanup, changed site conditions, regulatory changes, or unknown conditions.
  • provide insurance protection for known and unknown cleanup, regulatory changes, and pre- and post-closing third-party claims.

With SHIELD, our clients can:

  • sustainably redevelop contaminated/brownfield sites to "green".
  • reduce administrative costs for environmental management.
  • cut balance sheet reserves for known or contingent liabilities.
  • eliminate troubling liability disclosures in financial statements.
  • focus on their core businesses instead of legacy problems.

Shaw can assist clients in achieving significant financial reporting and tax advantages while resolving environmental liabilities.

Environmental Trust Management

Shaw provides management and oversight services as a trustee for remediations trusts, such as those established in corporate bankruptcies or Superfund settlements. Shaw provides:

  • environmental remediation and O&M management through site closure.
  • property management, including leasing, operations, and disposition.
  • fiduciary services to manage trust funds.

Shaw's knowledge of environmental real estate management as well as the bankruptcy and Superfund processes gives assurance to creditors, regulators, potentially responsible parties, and the public that the properties will be restored responsibly.

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