Fabrication Technology

Shaw uses the latest fabrication technologies to enhance performance and reliability and meet project requirements. As a major provider of piping technology, we develop and use proprietary computer applications for design interface, material control, production scheduling and fabrication management.

Induction Bending

Shaw is the leader in induction bending technology. Our subsidiary, Cojafex B.V., is the world’s leading supplier of induction bending equipment for both pipe and structural shapes.

Bending is the preferred alternative to traditional fit and weld procedures due to its precision and accuracy, as well as the overall strength of the final product. We are able to bend a wide variety of materials including carbon steel, low and intermediate alloys (P11, P22, P5, P9, P91, P92 and others), stainless steel, duplex steel, all API X grades and nickel alloys.

Key features of our induction bending capabilities include the following:

  • Nine induction bending machines
    • Capable of bending up to 66 inches (1600mm) in diameter and 6 inches (150mm) in wall thickness
    • Capable of producing 1.5 diameter bends
  • Multiple cold bending machines
  • Structural shape bending equipment


Shaw is an industry leader in robotic technology for cutting and welding. This innovative technology ensures we maintain dimensional tolerance in strict accordance with code and customer specifications.

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