When Shaw was founded in 1986, the company first specialized in piping systems fabrication. Today, fabrication and manufacturing remains a core business. Our global fabrication facilities are equipped with the latest manufacturing technology and production management systems.

Induction bending is a significant aspect of Shaw’s fabrication capabilities. Featuring quality, accuracy and savings, induction bending is the preferred alternative to traditional fit-and-weld procedures. We are able to bend pipes from 2 to 66 inches in diameter, with a wall thickness of up to 6 inches.

To ensure the overall quality of finished materials, Shaw manufactures and distributes specialty metal fittings used for piping systems fabrication for virtually any industrial environment around the world.

Competitive Pipe Fabrication Capacity

Shaw’s pipe fabrication facilities are capable of producing an aggregate of 35,000 pipe spools (10,000 tons of product) per month. Our state-of-the-art equipment, such as automated welding and bending machinery, speeds the fabrication process with greater accuracy and quality. We operate eight domestic and three international facilities that are coordinated under an integrated fabrication management system, resulting in a competitive pipe fabrication capacity worldwide. This unique ability allows Shaw to support demanding project schedules while maintaining a single pipe fabrication point of contact for our customers.

Management Systems for Design through Delivery

Shaw continues to lead the industry in developing proprietary computer applications for design, interface, material control, production scheduling and fabrication management. The latest technology ensures enhanced performance and reliability in meeting project execution requirements.

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