Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to register in Vendor database?

All Vendors (diverse and non-diverse) are required to register to be evaluated by Procurement/Subcontracts.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the registration process?

Contact our support desk via email at [email protected] or call toll free 855-690-7429 (SHAW).

I have completed my registration. What is the next step?

Your registration will be available for evaluation as needs arise for the products/services you offer.   After evaluation of your information, they will advise you as to the next steps, if any.

How long will it take to be notified if my Vendor registration has been accepted?

On successfully completing the registration process, you will be notified within 48 hours your submittal has been accepted by the system.

How long is my registration valid?

Your registration is valid for 1 year and must be updated annually to continue to be valid.  Specific documentation may need to be updated if it expires within the year.

When I complete the registration process, am I an approved Vendor?

No. Successfully completing the registration process provides Vendors with the opportunity to be considered by Procurement/Subcontracts for inclusion in future RFP opportunities within the portfolio. It does not confirm you as an approved Vendor.

How do I become an approved Vendor?

To become an approved Vendor, you must complete the registration process and be identified for a future business opportunity.

What if I don’t provide all the requested data?

Failure to provide all the requested will cause your application to be rejected. All data fields designated with the red bar are required for your application to be accepted.

What if I don’t complete the Registration Questionnaire embedded within the Survey(s) section?

Failure to complete the survey will cause your application to be rejected. We require the specified information to better understand the role of its Vendors in the marketplace and is gathered for informational purposes only.

Can I start registering, save my work and continue at a later time?

Yes, but you are encouraged to complete the registration process in it’s’ entirety as soon as possible so your information is visible to the Procurement /subcontracts team.

What if my company completed a Qualification Questionnaire and Representations & Certification forms within the past year, do we still have to provide this information?

Yes. All Suppliers are required to complete the Supplier Registration process within this system and upload all pertinent documentation.

What is a Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) Number?

A DUNS number is a nine-digit number issued by Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. to identify each corporate location of a business. Most companies already have a DUNS number. If you do not have a DUNS number, D&B will provide one at no cost.

What is the next step after I register?

Once you have registered, your profile will be available to Shaw’s Subcontracts and Procurement professionals throughout the company. Due to the volume of inquiries that we receive, you will NOT be contacted until a purchasing professional matches a current project requirement with your firm’s matching capabilities.

What is a CCR Cage Code Number?

A Cage Code number is assigned through the Central Contractors Registration (CCR) at the following web address: Any firm that has been a prime contractor to the federal government should already have a Cage Code assigned to them.

What is NAICS Code?

All firms need to identify their primary NAICS codes. NAICS is the North American Industry Classification System Code which is used to provide common definitions of industries across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

What are Small Business Size Standards?

The U.S. Small Business Administration has developed size standards to identify whether a business entity is considered small and eligible for government programs.