Greenhouse Gas Management Services

Boasting extensive experience with projects involving greenhouse gas management services, Shaw’s integrated approach results in cost-effective and strategic solutions for our clients’ diverse needs. Our expertise includes facilitywide and fleetwide greenhouse gas and ozone precursor emissions characterizations, environmental asset evaluations and emissions lifecycle projects.

As one of the nation’s leading full-service providers to the power industry, Shaw has extensive experience in the evaluation of technologies for carbon capture and sequestration. Our professionals also are experienced in helping clients create, represent and monetize environmental assets created from renewable resources.

Key services relating to greenhouse gas management include the following: 

  • Emissions inventory management – Carbon and ozone precursors
  • Carbon “footprint” development – Broad-based industry sectors
  • Emission reduction measures – Identification, evaluation and implementation
  • Carbon impact evaluations – Project feasibility and value assessments
  • Carbon portfolio development – Certification, verification and registration
  • Emission credit adviser/partner – Portfolio valuation, management and representation
  • Carbon capture and sequestration management – Energy sector projects

In addition to traditional services, Shaw acts as an adviser and partner for clients’ environmental assets through sustainability planning, greenhouse gas life-cycle management and environmental portfolio development and representation services.