Green Infrastructure

Shaw designs and implements cost-effective, regulatory-compliant solutions and applies low-impact development (LID) practices to help clients address stormwater management. Our goal is to assess a site’s natural ability to manage rainfall, filter pollutants from the runoff and develop a LID strategy that best suits each client’s needs while meeting stormwater compliance issues.

Our low impact storm water management services include the following:

  • Bio-retention cells: Storage areas where stormwater collects and filters into the soil usually consisting of grass, sand, organic layers, soil and vegetation
  • Grass swales: Grasses and vegetation acting as alternatives to curb and gutter systems
  • Filter strips: Landscaped areas where water is directed into vegetation or sand filters that capture pollutants and gradually discharge clean water
  • Cistern collection systems: Stored rainwater for dry-period irrigation
  • Decreasing impervious surfaces: Increasing permeable pavement surfaces where water can filter
  • Green roof systems: Vegetation on roofs providing water retention and pollutant filtration