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Helping Clients Go "Green"

A long-time provider of services for the power, petrochemicals, and environmental markets, Shaw's solutions are designed to help customers achieve regulatory compliance, reduce environmental impact and create long-term benefits.

Some of our green solutions include:

  • Providing engineering, design, construction and retrofit of fossil, geothermal and nuclear power generation facilities, as well as refurbishment and modification of facilities to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases 
  • Restoring the environment, improving air and water quality, and implementing environmental management systems and corporate responsibility programs
  • Designing and constructing facilities using LEED certified standards, managing waste, and conserving wetlands and coastal regions
  • Assisting in funding of capital projects

In the News

Shaw awarded contract to design and construct LEED certified buildings for the U.S. Forest Service

Shaw to perform engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services for a polysilicon manufacturing plant

Shaw to retrofit three power plants in Maryland with new emissions controls

Shaw Capital, Inc. investing in clean energy projects through the Leaf Clean Energy Fund

Shaw has helped a variety of clients with green solutions including:

Federal, state and local governments


Large national retailers

Airline industry


Oil and gas industry