Emergency Response
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

In the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, Shaw’s 300-person command center in Baton Rouge, La., orchestrated assistance to government agencies and the thousands of residents affected by some of the nation’s worst storms. Shaw helped provide basic supplies and infrastructure including water, housing and electricity in an effective and timely manner.

Summary of Services

  • Following Hurricane Katrina, Shaw pumped 50 billion gallons of water from the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas in 17 days, nearly two months ahead of original estimates.
  • Shaw temporarily repaired more than 1,200 roofs in a 24-hour period. In total, Shaw installed more than 30 million square feet of Blue Roof plastic.
  • Shaw established more than 30 temporary housing communities.
  • Shaw delivered and distributed more than 160 tons of emergency supplies including food, ice, water, personal hygiene products, cleaning supplies and blankets to U.S. Postal Service (USPS) employees across the affected Gulf Coast. More than 2,500 meals ready-to-eat were delivered to USPS employees and their families.
  • Shaw established and managed shelter operations at four locations in Texas.
  • Shaw worked with Louisiana governments including the city of New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, St. Tammany Parish and Washington Parish to aid in disaster relief.

Project Details

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Federal Emergency Management Agency

Southern Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Region

Emergency response, unwatering/pump repair, levee repair, debris management and removal, temporary roof repair and water/wastewater treatment

2005 – 2007