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Power Maintenance

Shaw is one of the largest suppliers of nuclear maintenance and modification services in the United States and has been a significant contributor to the nuclear industry's success of reducing outage durations and costs. We provide maintenance, plant engineering, turnaround/outage, and other services to more than 60 customers at over 140 sites in the U.S. and around the globe. We service clients in nuclear power, fossil power, chemical, petrochemical, refining, grain, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and solid waste industries.

We have separate union and non-union companies, enabling us to serve clients throughout the U.S. We focus on providing industry-leading maintenance services that support client business objectives with an emphasis on eliminating defects in order to provide maximum equipment availability.  


Shaw is one of the largest suppliers of nuclear maintenance and modification services in the United States and has been a significant contributor to the nuclear industry's success in reducing outage durations and costs.

We monitor and control outage progress, implement corrective action and manage a variety of costs and scheduling for nuclear sites. Shaw provides assistance with management of all or specific portions of nuclear outage service.

Services include:
  • Training
  • Restart testing
  • Field engineering
  • Waste management
  • Project management
  • Technical engineering
  • Process improvement
  • Subcontractor management
  • Environmental, health, and safety management
  • Independent spent fuel storage installation – pool to pad
Decontamination and Decommissioning (D&D)

Shaw also offers extensive maintenance and modification experience directly relating to nuclear plant decommissioning. We support 116 of 119 commercial plants in the United States with a variety of construction, engineering and quality assurance tasks. We have provided D&D services at eight commercial nuclear reactors, seven research reactors, and one U.S. Army reactor, as well as nuclear facility decommissioning services at ten government facilities.

Shaw performed engineering, design, and construction for the decommissioning of Maine Yankee, the first competitive commercial nuclear plant D&D contract. Shaw worked with ASME to develop and deploy a first-of-its-kind N-stamp spent fuel canister and achieved Nuclear Regulatory Commission license termination and unrestricted release of the site.

With more than 30 years of technical knowledge and experience from lessons learned in the D&D of radiological hot cells, laboratories, research and commercial power reactors, and other nuclear facilities, we understand the complex challenges managers and contractors face as they plan the D&D of nuclear facilities-co-location with other operations, proximity to areas with heavily used public access, unusual isotopes, and significant isotopes.

Decontamination services include:
  • Safety engineering
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Project management
  • Radiation worker training
  • QA programs and oversight
  • Waste management services
  • Planning/engineering services
  • Equipment and system removal
  • Special shielding and tooling design
  • Licensing and documentation support
  • Structural dismantlement and demolition
  • Waste minimization and volume reduction
  • Environmental and radiological monitoring
  • Construction and dismantling management
  • Packaging, brokering, and disposal of wastes
  • Occupational radiation exposure management
  • Fuel storage solution development and implementation
Plant modification services for decommissioning include:
  • Pipe dismantling
  • Decontamination
  • Vessel dismantling
  • Removal and packaging

Shaw provides pure maintenance and outage support to the fossil marketplace. Our most current experience spans across the Northeast, Mid Atlantic, west coast and Southern regions of the United States. We primarily provide construction and boiler maintenance services along with construction labor services to support associated outages with supervision and craft labor.

Specialty Services
  • Rad Tech
  • MOVs
  • Valves
  • Turbine Generator Repair

Services 40% of nuclear reactors in the U.S.

Developed award winning incentive program

Project Equity Account Trust (P.E.A.T. ®)

Set several outage records during contract periods

Successfully completed more than 31,000 decontamination sites