Natural Resources

Go Green IconShaw works with a diverse set of clients such as the power industry, planning agencies, private developers, consulting firms, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Energy to assess and document the effects of development on the environment. Shaw's team of scientists and biologists prepares environmental impact statements (EIS) and environmental and health impact statements (EHIS) to identify and resolve complex natural resource concerns.

Our services include:

  • Wetland services
    • Delineation
    • Design, construction and restoration
    • Mitigation
    • Banking consultation
  • Coastal restoration management
    • Federal, state and local coordination and permitting
    • Infrastructure improvement
    • Public participation programs
  • Watershed management
    • Consulting
    • Construction
    • Project management
  • General biological services
    • Endangered species assessment
    • Habitat evaluations
  • Aquatic ecology
    • Biological monitoring
    • Fisheries management
    • Watershed management
    • Ecosystem modeling
    • Water quality analysis
    • Toxicological assessment
    • Regulatory permitting
    • Risk assessment
  • Brownfields development
    • Grant applications management
    • Audits
    • Environmental (Phase I and II) assessments
    • Due diligence evaluations
    • Remedial action
    • Operation and maintenance
    • Long-term monitoring

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