Shaw is a leading environmental remediation contractor for the U.S. government, having remediated more than 5 million cubic yards of radioactively contaminated soils and completed more than 200,000 hazardous, radioactive, and toxic waste management projects. We have executed complex restoration projects at 23 Department of Energy nuclear facilities; laboratories; nuclear weapons facilities; and at more than 100 Department of Defense installations throughout the world, as well as at many other contaminated government and commercial properties.

In addition to serving government entities, Shaw brings extensive commercial nuclear experience to the table. Shaw has performed services such as site characterization, subsurface investigation and geophysical surveys, shallow and deep foundation design, excavation support system design, and circulating water intake and discharge structures and tunnels for its commercial nuclear clients.

We offer more than 30 years of experience successfully managing wastes of all types including radioactive, mixed, hazardous, and sanitary waste; and working closely with regulators, operators, and disposal facilities to ensure safety and compliance in the characterization, handling, processing, treating, packaging, transporting, and disposal of these wastes.