Operating Plant Services

Shaw is the largest provider of commercial nuclear power plant maintenance and modification services in the United States with active contracts covering 40 operating units. Having accomplished more sub-20-day refueling outages than all other modification and maintenance providers combined, Shaw is a significant contributor to the nuclear industry's success of reducing outage durations and costs.

The modification and/or analysis of nuclear power plant components requires a strong  understanding of current equipment and system design, configuration, and operation, as well as familiarity with applicable codes, standards, and regulatory requirements. With more than 50 years of experience in the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of nuclear power plants around the world, Shaw is well-equipped to provide all manner of plant services.

Shaw is also a power uprate industry leader with 30 projects for 48 nuclear units and 1,800 MW added to the U.S. grid. Shaw provides engineering services at 43 nuclear power plant operating units in the United States.

Shaw is one of a few companies whose in-house engineering staff and equipment specialists can develop design modifications with all associated analysis and detailed design documentation. We offer an extensive suite of nuclear engineering computer analysis tools and programs including complete 3-D computer-aided engineering capabilities.


  • Outage planning and management
  • Work planning scheduling and project controls
  • Work package preparation
  • Craft supervision and subcontractor management
  • Modifications design and new construction
  • Procurement
  • Quality control
  • Process improvement
  • Waste management
  • Environmental, health, and safety management
  • Engineering
  • Expert technical assistance
  • Restart testing
  • Training
  • Maintenance services: union and open shop