Environmental Liability Solutions

Shaw’s Insured Environmental Liability Distribution (SHIELD) program helps protect our clients from environmental liabilities such as costly investigations, unpredictable cleanup costs and long-term operations and maintenance obligations.

Shaw can:

  • Complete site remediation for a guaranteed fixed price
  • Indemnify from costs associated with any cleanup, changed site conditions, regulatory changes or unknown conditions
  • Provide insurance protection for known and unknown cleanup, regulatory changes, and pre- and post-closing third-party claims
  • Assist clients in achieving significant financial reporting and tax advantages while resolving environmental liabilities

With SHIELD, Shaw’s clients can:

  • Sustainably redevelop contaminated/brownfield sites
  • Reduce administrative costs for environmental management
  • Cut balance sheet reserves for known or contingent liabilities
  • Eliminate troubling liability disclosures in financial statements
  • Focus on their core businesses instead of legacy problems