A core component of Shaw’s business is the pursuit and implementation of leading technologies. Our range of capabilities includes technical leadership, application, laboratories and systems.

Shaw’s technology offerings include one of the world’s most efficient fabrication technologies, support services for Generation III+ AP1000® nuclear technology and proprietary environmental technologies.

At our laboratories across the U.S., Shaw’s skilled scientists, engineers and chemists perform analysis, testing and research using state-of-the-art instruments and methods.

Shaw’s focus on technology spans each of the industries we serve and help our clients to achieve the following:

  • New power plant construction through Shaw’s support of the latest, Generation III+ nuclear technology
  • Remediation of hazardous materials in air, water, soil and groundwater
  • Regulatory standards through Shaw’s emissions monitoring
  • Cleaner fossil power plants through air quality control technology
  • Project execution through Shaw’s fabrication induction bending and robotic technology