Sustainability Program Planning and Assessment

Go Green IconShaw offers a multi-phase approach designed to assist in developing or refining sustainability programs. We help clients understand and recognize the principles of sustainability and in turn incorporate sustainability into their business processes. Clients are faced with issues such as:

  • How can you ensure that a sustainability process becomes part of the everyday business decision-making?
  • Where do you find the expertise on highly technical subjects where you have limited expertise or resources?
  • How do you track and ensure that the decisions you are making actually result in cost efficiencies, environmental improvements and are socially responsible?

Shaw's program is designed to help our clients answer these types of questions and develop a program suitable to their needs. Our phased approach allows maximum flexibility that can be tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Our program elements include:

  • Vision and Scope – understanding what sustainability means to a specific organization and setting measurable goals
  • Baseline Sustainability Assessment – identifying current activities and establishing ongoing metrics
  • Strategic Options/Projects Identification and Evaluation – address gaps identified in the baseline sustainability assessment and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Client Implementation – provide training, support and resource expertise to implement options/projects
  • Measure, Evaluate and Report – oversee and evaluate the measurement of the results
  • Continuous Improvement – refine the process as necessary

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