Safety Programs

Shaw’s commitment to safety is evidenced by internal programs that identify potential hazards to create an injury-free work environment and through our support of external programs such as the World Safety Declaration.

Targeting Zero

Shaw’s Targeting Zero™ program is focused on achieving zero environmental, health and safety incidents. It also promotes performance that minimizes health and safety risks to our clients, our employees, the public and the environment. The program involves heightened health and safety policies and many programs, including defensive driving courses, employee recognition, off-the-job safety topics, an improved reporting system and more.

Stop Work Program

Through Shaw’s Stop Work program, employees have the authority to stop work activities that present danger to themselves, other employees or the public. Employees can do so without fear of reprimand or retaliation. Our Speak Up Hotline also is available for employees to report issues anonymously, if desired.


ShawSAFE™ is an internal, behavior-based program that addresses at-risk behaviors at home and on the job.

  • SafeStart: Focuses on emotional states that can cause critical incidents
  • SafeTrack: Reinforces and tracks observations
  • Toolbox Safety Topics: Focuses on company practices
  • SafeStart Taking Safety Home: Educates family members with same concepts as on-the-job training
  • SafeStart Hurt at Home: Educates family members on preventing incidents
  • SafeStart on the Road: Educates teen drivers

Voluntary Protection Program

One of the most notable measures of success in safety comes from the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) promotes effective worksite health, safety and employee involvement, and VPP status is determined on performance-based criteria. After a rigorous evaluation, OSHA approves qualified sites and requires periodic reevaluations in order to remain in the program. The highest level of VPP recognition is the STAR designation.

Fourteen Shaw worksites have earned OSHA VPP STAR status, and several other locations have started the VPP certification process. Many of these VPP STAR sites have been recognized for achieving performance above and beyond the requirements of STAR status.

World Safety Declaration

Sponsored by DuPont, the World Safety Declaration is a global industry commitment that unites industry leaders in the common goal of improved workplace safety. An enthusiastic supporter, Shaw has signed the public declaration to demonstrate our commitment.