Biomass Processes

Go Green IconBiomass used in currently operating power plants includes wood stock, wood residues, agricultural, and food processing. Shaw has engineered many biomass processes with state-of-the-art technologies using renewable fuel sources and has participated in numerous management programs for wood wastes, municipal solid wastes, tires, coal mining wastes, and municipal sewage sludges, primarily in the following categories:

  • Mass burn waste-to-energy
  • Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) processing plants
  • Composting
  • Sewage sludge processing
  • Wood waste-to-energy
  • Biomass conversion
  • Tire combustion

Landfill Gas (LFG)

Shaw provides landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) engineering, design, and operation services. In addition to building efficient LFG wellfield collection systems and operating the system optimally for producing energy, we provide complete recovery system turnkey design-build services and also operate our own and third-party LFG recovery systems.

Shaw manufactures and installs a proprietary gas-to-energy system that incorporates fuel recovery, fuel conditioning, and power generation in a single unit. Shaw provides equipment delivery, installation, engineering/permitting and operations for microturbine power systems, which are compact, low emission power generators that produce electricity from biogas and other fuels.

Energy Recovery

In addition to our power and process services, Shaw offers a completely integrated set of energy recovery services for clients seeking a commercial use for their landfil and biogas.

Shaw is committed to continuing the development of those technologies and waste management programs that effectively address the current issues of residential, commercial, and industrial waste disposal.

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