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Speak Up

Prevention starts with you

Shaw places the utmost importance on working in an ethical manner and complying with all laws, rules, policies and procedures. This is why it’s everyone’s responsibility to help prevent these activities. The Speak Up program provides a trustworthy, impartial channel for reporting situations of suspected misconduct within Shaw.

Here’s how you can Speak Up:

  1. Drop a hint. Remind someone to think before acting.
  2. Report it.  Concerns must be reported to Shaw’s chief compliance officer, Internal Audit department or Legal department.
  3. Call the anonymous toll-free hotline to communicate concerns to Shaw’s management if you wish to report without identifying yourself.  

You can have a powerful influence on others by speaking up directly or by discussing it with the appropriate supervisor or manger. And if you prefer, you can do so confidentially and anonymously. MySafeWorkplace® is an independent company that provides an anonymous reporting service for you to share your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is an option that is always available if you want to help, but prefer not to give your name.

What happens when you call?

  1. You are greeted by a friendly interviewer, who documents the situation with you in detail.
  2. The interviewer assigns a report number to you and asks you to make one call back.
  3. The information is then relayed to Shaw’s management to investigate your concern.
  4. Using the report number and scheduled call back date given to you by the interviewer, you call for the follow-up. You may be asked additional questions or for additional information.

SpeakUp Hotline

Toll-free • 24 hours a day • 7 days a week

International callers can call 1.770.582.5210

Shaw’s Chief Compliance Officer