Specialty Services

Industrial Process Services

Shaw provides painting, insulation and scaffolding services for industrial clients worldwide. Our employees are qualified in the latest technology and equipment through our in-house training methods.

We offer diverse sandblasting and painting experience to onshore/offshore oil and gas industries, chemical plants, refineries and shipyards. Our full range of professional coating services, including Sophisticated Paint Endorsement AISC D.1.1.  D.1.5, is available onshore as well as offshore and complements fabrication and construction projects.

Our industrial process specialty services include the following:

  • Turnkey project work
  • Full suite of professional sandblasting and painting
  • Surveys/recommendations for multi-year painting projects
  • Specialized coating applications:
    • Internal linings
    • Chime seal
    • Plural component pump spray
    • Fiberglass reinforced plastic
    • Secondary containment
    • Fireproofing services 


Shaw designs and builds multiple large-scale modular units for clients in the oil and gas, power and process industries worldwide. We have extensive experience fabricating and assembling modules, including design, constructability, procurement, project management, scheduling, load-out and transport of modular units.

We hold ASME R, U1 and U2 Certificates of Authorization, certifying us to repair ASME pressure vessels at the facility or in the field. Capabilities include pressure vessels ranging from 4 inches thick to 20 feet outside diameter, separators, skimmers and scrubbers.

We have expertise in manufacturing manifold systems, pig launchers and receivers, metering skids, pump packages, spool piping, structural skids, heliports, decks and general construction.

Our 60-acre waterfront facility provides ready access to deep water for coastal domestic or international transportation. We are well equipped to provide complete systems on skids for shipping or smaller modules for road or rail transport.

Shaw performs all phases of work, including the following:

  • Design
  • Blasting
  • Painting
  • Estimating
  • Total assembly
  • Commissioning
  • Module loading
  • Pipe/structural/vessel fabrication

Project Spotlight

IHNC Support

The IHNC sector gates, steel piles and vertical lift gates were assembled at our facility in Delcambre, La., before being shipped to the IHNC project site. more »

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