Solid Waste Management

Shaw's solid waste services division (formerly EMCON/OWT) is one of the largest providers of integrated solid waste services in the United States. Our understanding of market trends; knowledge of regulations; national network of offices; and years of experience at hundreds of landfills and transfer stations, make us a leading choice for public and private clients seeking effective solutions.

Shaw provides a single point of responsibility for engineering; design-build construction; equipment fabrication; landfill products; operations and maintenance of a variety of environmental control and energy recovery systems; solid waste facilities design; and landfill gas (LFG) and leachate system design and installation.

Unique among our competitors, Shaw offers a complete integrated set of LFG energy recovery services. We can assess potential LFG generation and recovery rates and evaluate potential uses and markets for the gas. We can build an efficient LFG wellfield collection system, operate the system optimally for producing energy and provide complete recovery system turnkey design/build services. Our LFG design centers house experts with extensive experience in LFG electric facility design, pipeline transmission system design, and beneficial-use facility development, including leachate and industrial caustics evaporation systems.

Shaw also operates its own and third-party LFG recovery systems. Our patented leachate evaporation system (E-Vap) beneficially uses renewable landfill gas energy to evaporate landfill leachate and other industrial wastewaters. Finally, LFG Specialties, LLC, our product and equipment subsidiary, manufactures and installs landfill and biogas-to-energy systems.

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Western Regional Landfill

Landfill Gas-to-Electricity (LFGTE)

Services: Turnkey 1.6 MW LFGTE development
Location: Lincoln, CA
Duration: Facility online in 2004; will provide O&M services

Proprietary Triton Powerpak engine generator technology used. Designed in a modular fashion to allow maximum operational flexibility and to allow for future facility expansion depending on LFG availability and overall site development requirements.  The electricity is being sold to the City of Roseville, California through an agreement with the Northern California Power Authority.