Technology Solutions

Shaw offers a range of technology solutions to minimize environmental impact such as reusing water or waste by-products in an ethylene facility or as a remediation technique to remove contaminants safely and without further harm to soil, air or water.

From excavation and off-site disposal to application of any of our patented technologies, Shaw provides our clients with the most effective and lowest-cost solution to their remediation projects in full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Shaw's environmental technologies include:

  • Treating ammonium perchlorate, nitrates and other contaminants in groundwater and drinking water. Shaw provides biological solutions to a broad spectrum of problems that reduce biosludge and provide high-volumetric efficiency in a small footprint.
  • Treating methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), which is a gasoline oxygenate that has been added to retail U.S. gasoline since 1979. Shaw holds patents on two biodegradation processes that can be used both for in situ (bioaugmentation) and ex situ (pump and treat) MTBE applications with little harm to the environment.
  • Using our proprietary, high-performance microbial cultures, more commonly called "bugs", to naturally degrade contaminants found in soil which eliminates excavation and off-site treatment.

Shaw's consulting, engineering and design services teams, coupled with our proprietary hydrocarbon processing technologies, helps customers meet their business and environmental goals:

  • Our high-efficiency furnaces and advanced product recovery systems allow customers to reduce feedstock and energy required for ethylene production.
  • Shaw is continually improving catalysts and licensed technologies in an effort to minimize waste products from petrochemical processing.
  • We offer refining solutions designed to reduce emissions and waste products as part of the clean fuels effort.
  • Shaw provides remediation and reclamation services for both active and inactive refineries.
  • We designed and built many projects directed toward clean fuels production, including current major projects in sulfur and benzene reduction.
  • Shaw has a team of experts specifically targeting renewable energy and carbon capture and storage solutions.



When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a tough problem involving cleaning or protecting the nation's soils or water supply, it is likely solved in a Shaw-operated laboratory. For the past 15 years, Shaw has successfully managed and supported research and development for the National Risk Management Research Laboratory at the EPA's Test and Evaluation (T&E) Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Shaw performs a broad range of complex tasks that include managing facility operations, conducting pilot-scale treatability studies, upgrading existing systems, facilities and equipment, and providing process design support.