Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center

Shaw helps clients generate electric power in an environmentally sound and cost-effective process by using advanced technologies and expertise in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). Near St. Paul, Va., Shaw provided design and EPC services for Dominion Virginia Power’s new, 585-MW clean coal-fired generating plant and achieved substantial completion in July 2012. As part of substantial completion, the plant was operated at its rated capacity and released to Dominion for commercial operation.

As one of the cleanest coal plants of its kind, the Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center is capable of burning a diverse mix of fuels including run-of-mine coal, waste coal and wood waste, according to Dominion. Clean coal technologies, combined with modern post-combustion controls, result in low emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and mercury.

At the plant, two circulated fluidized bed (CFB) boilers supply steam to a single turbine generator. The CFB combustion process recirculates unburned fuel, which increases heat transfer and performance. Technologies such as selective non-catalytic reduction systems and the use of limestone, coupled with a dry scrubber, further eliminate environmentally harmful chemicals. 

Shaw constructed:

  • All foundations, buildings, steel, vessels and tanks
  • Air-cooled condenser, steam turbine generator and steam generator
  • Electrical switchyard, direct process equipment and a material handling conveyor

Project Details

Dominion Power

St. Paul, Va.

Design, engineering, procurement and construction