Pre-Employment Training

Pre-employment training is provided to participants who are entering the workforce with no experience or who have not previously worked in construction.  This training is commonly delivered through participating community organizations such as community colleges, high schools, tech schools, community or faith based organizations.  These pre employment programs are developed in conjunction with the Shaw Workforce Development team, utilize the "Contren" training materials, and are designed to create a seamless transition from training to the Shaw workforce.

Phase One
Initially, training candidates will be required to take the Work Keys Assessments.  This assessment provides a baseline of basic learning skills such as reading, listening, teamwork, etc.   Following this assessment, the participants will complete the NCCER Core curriculum by meeting the proficiency level of each module before moving to the next level of training. In addition to the Core training requirements Shaw urges all organizations to supplement the NCCER safety module with an OSHA 10 hour safety course.  Upon successful completion, an NCCER Certificate will be issued and the student will be registered in the National Registry of the National Center in Gainesville Florida.


Phase Two
The second phase of pre-employment training is the task specific training. This is developed utilizing input from Shaw professional craft subject matter experts (SMEs).  This is task specific training built upon the craft specific requirements of the job. This accelerated training provides individuals with the specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities KSAs) to perform safely and efficiently when they first set foot on the work site. Task specific programs include but are not limited to:

  • Concrete/Custom and Manufactured Formwork,
  • Rebar/Scaffolding/Laborer,
  • Structural Ironworker,
  • Electrical
  • Pipefitting,
  • Millwright and
  • Boilermaker